An undertaker in Polokwane, Kings and Queens, has distanced itself from a video of self-proclaimed prophet, Alph Lukau who claims to have resurrected a dead man.

A vehicle belonging to the funeral parlour is seen on the video transporting a casket with the supposed dead man inside.

The man then awakens, gasping for air with Lukau announcing his resurrection to church members. The company’s managing director, Vivien Nethunzi, says they do not have any knowledge of the man in the video.

“It was going to Joburg for a service. I didn’t know the car was going to be used because the story that I was told by our operations manager Mr. Dube, he told me that the car was hired and the family said they have a body at Black Phoenix funeral. Because that coffin is not of Kings and Queens, we did not have a body in our mortuary. We want to apologise to our clients, please we didn’t have that, no one woke up from the dead and we are not part of that church.”