There’s good news for motorists as we continue to usher in the New Year, the price of fuel is set to drop at midnight. The inland price of 93 Octane petrol will decrease by R1.22 a litre to R13.79 a litre, while 95 Octane will decrease by R1.23 a litre to R14.1. Diesel is going down by R1.53 a litre to R13.14.

Automobile Association spokesperson, Layton Beard, has welcomed the drop in the price of fuel.

“This decrease is going to bring the petrol price below R14 again for the first time in a long time so it’s really very good news for motorists. It could have been totally different as we could have been looking at a rand increase, but you can be very happy we are going into the new year on such a positive foot.”

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