Fuel price to increase in April

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The Automobile Association says Fuel and Road Accident Fund levies that will come into effect from the April are expected to push the petrol price to R16.

Petrol will increase by at least 96 cents per litre, with diesel up by 69 cents per litre in April.

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) spokesperson, Layton Beard says, “We have to add into that the 15 cents increase to the general fuel levy and the 5 cents increase to the Road Accident Fund levy which also kicks in in April. So realistically at this stage, we’re looking at an increase in petrol of around R1.18.”

“That obviously may change before the end of the month, but I think that’s a good indication of where we are at the moment. Diesel, we’re looking at an increase of around 90 cents, 70 plus , 20 for new taxes, so the picture really is not very good – I am afraid.”

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