The Department of Energy has announced a record increase in the price of fuel with effect from midnight on Tuesday next week.

93 unleaded petrol will increase by 95 cents per litre and 95 unleaded petrol by R1 per litre. Diesel will increase between 63 and 65 cents per litre and illuminating paraffin by about 35 cents per litre.

The Department’s figures are higher than the Automobile Association’s project of 73 cents per litre record increase.

South Africans should brace themselves for a steep increase in fuel prices at the end of March:

Meanwhile, traffic volumes on major roads leaving Gauteng are increasing steadily as people make their way to their Easter destinations.

Gauteng Traffic police spokesperson, Obed Sibasa, says they’ve deployed officers along the major routes to other provinces.

“We have deployed officers all over. They will be out to monitor lawlessness. To speedsters, drunk drivers, reckless and negligent driving they will be immediately arrested. So far we have not recorded any fatalities however one was recorded of a pedestrian on the N12 in the south of Joburg,” says Sibasa.

Easter Traffic | Gauteng commuters concerned about major delays at Park Station: