This week ‘From the Desk of the President’ highlights the unexpected load shedding that has disrupted the lives of millions of South Africans in their homes, workplaces, and businesses.

From the Desk of the President’ is a weekly letter from the President himself, that discusses some of the issues that interest and concerns South Africans, and talks about the work done in government to tackle these issues.

The President has acknowledged the urgency to protect our energy supply.

“The cost to our economy of power outages is significant. It contributes to investor unease at a time when we are trying to attract more domestic and foreign capital to South Africa and to improve our global rankings on ease of doing business. It is also understandable that South Africans became frustrated and angry. This latest round of load-shedding makes even clearer the urgency with which we must act to protect our energy supply.”

The President says while technicians are working around the clock to fix the problems, government has updated the Integrated Resource Plan.

“While technicians are working around the clock to fix problems at several power stations and restore the grid to stability, government last week released the updated Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). It is our policy blueprint for the country’s industrial, commercial and household energy needs until 2030. It provides clarity and certainty on a crucial part of our development path.”