From drawing to music, Dimoon unpacks his “private passion”

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First son of a Sicilian painter and former Double-Bass Player, Luca Dimoon has been exposed at a young age to the Fine Arts.

Dimoon was born in Milan, Italy and started drawing at the age of three where jazz records were resonating in his household.

In 2001 he moved to London, UK, where the vibrant music scene motivated him to become a professional singer.

Speaking to Morning Live, he says music has always been his private passion, which he uses to express himself.

Dimoon says he was exposed to music when he got to London, “It was so vibrant and intense that I decided to try the music thing and before even making that conscious decision I was already inside the music scene, doing shows and collaborating with other artists and musician.”

He has since released two albums titled “On Different Moods” and “Telescope”.

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