One person has reportedly been stabbed in the Johannesburg inner city where chaos has erupted. An angry mob is targeting foreigners and their businesses after disrupting the rally of the former Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) leader Mangosutho Buthelezi, who attempted to address tenants of George Koch, Denver and Jeppestown hostels.

Buthelezi attempted to appeal for calm and to call on police to play their role in dealing with the violence.

There is heavy police presence in the Johannesburg CBD as hostel dwellers reportedly flocked the streets after abandoning Buthulezi’s address on Sunday afternoon.

Buthelezi had earlier tried to address the crowds in an attempt to address the attacks on foreign nationals.

Just a few streets away, Bishop Mpumlwana is holding a service on National Prayer Day. Congregants have gathered to pray for peace in light of the current violence in which foreign nationals are being targeted and the escalation of gender-based violence that have gripped the country.

One person is reported to have been stabbed although police have not confirmed this.

Watch Buthelezi address the rally: