The historic Freedom Square has been declared a Provincial Heritage site by Western Cape Cultural Affairs Minister, Anroux Marais, meaning the site will enjoy the highest form of protection in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act.

Residents in Bonteheuwel on the Cape Flats say they have been calling for the memorialisation of significant spaces in their area for future generations.

The historic Freedom Square also serves as a form of justice and reconciliation.

Community member Soraya Salie says, “The people of Bonteheuwel come from a very painful past. Our parents were put out of District 6, so we fought for a long time to have that site as a heritage for us because this is where we used to have our meetings, that stairs next to the library, so it’s important for us that it’s at least acknowledged and for me that’s history for my grandchildren.”

Freedom Square in Bonteheuwel declared a provincial heritage site: