FF Plus unhappy with SA’s decision to withdraw diplomats from Israel

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Freedom Front Plus Leader Pieter Groenewald is unhappy with government’s decision to withdraw its diplomats from Israel.

Groenewald says this will have a negative impact on the economic ties between Israel and South Africa.

“The decision by government to withdraw all its diplomats for consultation is only a smoke screen to give a strong message to Israel, that they may consider to break all diplomatic ties with Israel. That will be very detrimental to South Africa because there are very strong business and economic ties between South Africa and Israel. We must also remember that there is a strong Jewish Community in South Africa and many of them are involved in businesses which creates jobs for South Africans. Such a withdrawal will therefore lead to job losses and it will be in the end the people of South Africa that will have to pay the price.”

SA withdraws diplomats from Israel: Thembisa Fakude:

The Cabinet has decided to recall South Africa’s diplomats in Israel for further consultations on the situation in Gaza.

Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni made the announcement in Pretoria when she briefed the media on the outcomes of last week’s cabinet meeting.

Ntshavheni says Pretoria is disappointed with Israel’s continued bombing of schools and clinics in Gaza and the closure of humanitarian passages.

Ntshavheni also says the Cabinet is unhappy about the derogatory comments of Israel’s ambassador to South Africa regarding the country’s opposition to the war between his country and Hamas.

“The South African government has decided to withdraw all its diplomats in Tel Aviv for consultation. Cabinet has also noted the continuing disparaging remarks of the Israeli ambassador to South Africa about those who are opposing the atrocities and genocide of the Israeli government. The position of the Israeli ambassador to South Africa is becoming very untenable cabinet has decided to instruct DIRCO to take the necessary measures within the diplomatic channels and protocols to deal with the conduct of the ambassador of Israel to South Africa.”

“That recall for consultation is a serious signal that South Africa takes a dim view of the situation permeating in that region on what will be done on the ambassador.  We leave it to DIRCO they are the experts on what should be done to the ambassador. Our responsibility as Cabinet is to instruct them that the conduct and remarks of that ambassador are unacceptable. He is a guest in our country and he must conduct himself as a guest in our country,” Minister Ntshavheni explains.

SABC News Khayelihle Khumalo on SA’s diplomatic decisions: