Freedom Front plus sympathises with Khoisan king

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The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) says it sympathises with Khoisan King Calvin Cornelius’s pursuit for self-determination.

But the party cautioned that a strategic and united approach is needed to make self-determination succeed, saying it is gaining momentum.

The FF-Plus was reacting to Cornelius who gave government and parliament an official notice that the Khoisan people have seceded from South Africa to establish the Sovereign State of Good Hope. In the eviction notice Cornelius gave government officials five days to vacate the territory.

“The fact of the matter is that self-determination is part of our constitution it’s in section 235 of the constitution and also internationally recognised. And we have a lot of sympathy for what is happening there. The Freedom Front Plus is the only party in parliament that support the concept of self-determination and we understand what they are trying to do.

“However we are a bit concerned that they shouldn’t do things that would be to the detriment of a notion of self-determination. We should rather stick as one together and work on a combined strategy to make sure it succeeds, because at the moment it’s quite clear that the urge and need for self-determination is getting stronger,” says Freedom Front Plus Chief Whip Corne Mulder.