Freedom Front Plus shows significant growth in Northern Provinces (Northern Cape, North West and Limpopo)

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The Freedom Front Plus have achieved less than 1% (0.9%) at each election since 1999 giving the party around four seats in National Parliament over the years. This election suggests a change in it fortunes. The CSIR also predict around a 3% national vote share.

In 2014, the FF Plus won only a handful of VDs across the country. In 2019, with only 25% of VDs declared, the party has secured dozens of new Voting Districts across the mainly northern provinces of North West, Northern Cape, Limpopo, and the Free State.

For example, in the North West the FF Plus won only two VDs in 2014 – in 2019 they have already secured 33 VDs. With 25% of VDs declared, the party has already almost doubled its vote count in the Northern Cape and already passed its 2014 vote count in the Western Cape. It appears that the FF Plus has benefitted from vote shifts away from the Democratic Alliance. – Collette Schulz Herzenberg