Free State’s Energy Indaba to forge path as national energy hub

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The Free State government is set to host the Energy Indaba today, dedicated to establishing the province as a central energy hub within the country.

The summit, convened with the aim of addressing pressing energy concerns and fostering sustainable energy solutions, will bring together industry experts and stakeholders to deliberate on a range of critical matters, including electricity generation, infrastructure enhancement, the scourge of illegal connections, and the detrimental impact of vandalism on energy infrastructure.

Sello Dithebe, the spokesperson for the provincial government, highlighted the broad scope of discussions to be held during the Energy Indaba, emphasising the significance of harnessing the diverse energy potential within the Free State.

The summit will facilitate comprehensive deliberations on various energy sources, including wind and solar, as well as traditional fossil fuels such as coal and uranium. The overarching goal is to leverage the rich energy resources available in the province and propel it toward a sustainable trajectory, thereby contributing to the mitigation of the ongoing load shedding crisis and supporting the national government’s energy action plan.

“This summit represents a critical opportunity to unite experts in the field of energy and initiate meaningful discussions on the multitude of energy options available to the Free State. By fostering collaborative efforts and strategic planning, we aim to chart a course that will propel the province toward enduring energy solutions and contribute significantly to the national energy agenda,” stated Dithebe.

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