As pressure mounts for South Africa to meet the world deadline of switching from analogue to digital, the Free State has now set the pace in the digital migration journey with set-top boxes, for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), being rolled  out to low income families.

Deputy Minister of Communications Pinky Kekana paid a visit to Reitz to inspect the installation of the set-top boxes.

The move from analogue to digital means better picture quality and more radio and TV channels to watch. The first beneficiaries will be low income earners.

Alina Masilela is among the first to be part of the change.

“I got my set-top box last year and since then I never encountered problems. I can watch everything in a clear screen.”

The process hasn’t been without glitches.

However, Nketoana Municipality Mayor, Mamiki Mokoena, says that those challenges will be addressed.

“Some of the challenges are going to be addressed. Some of the residents have been complaining about the signal. So, the department is here today to assist us.”

The deadline for all countries to complete digital migration is June 2019. Mokoena says that the Communications Department is doing its best to speed up the process.

“We realised that because Free State is surrounded by mountains, signal has been a biggest challenge. However, we will try by all means to sort out the problem as we want all to get access to clear TV channels. And we have started hiring locals to do the job, not companies from the outside.”

Kekana is expected to roll out the programme in Qwaqwa on Tuesday.