Free State artists dropped at 11th hour from Freedom Day gig, demand cancellation fees

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Free State artists are demanding to be paid after being promised that they would be given a chance to perform during Freedom Day celebrations allegedly by Free State Premier Sisi Ntombela.  

The artists say they were dropped at the last minute and want a cancellation fee.  

They staged a sit-in for 40 days at the Performing Arts Centre of the Free State (PACOFS) protesting against management, corruption and nepotism.  

Free State artists demand relief funds and an end to graft:

The artists’ coordinator Mbuyiselo Nqodi says they are tired of seeing the artists being badly treated. 

“We are here because the Premier of the Free State promised us that we should be part of the event, promising the artists that were with us at the PACOFS that they will perform. The artists have rehearsed, but now at the last minute, they dumped them out of the programme. So, what we are simply saying is that we need a cancellation fee. We have since tried to negotiate with them that now we need a cancellation fee, that is all that we want.” 


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