Free State ANC seeks to correct ‘manipulated’ candidate lists

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The Free State ANC’s Interim Provincial Committee says they will correct the results of candidates listing processes that were manipulated ahead of the local government elections.

This, after ANC members in the Lejweleputswa District called for the removal of names of people who were fraudulently placed to top the candidate list.

Free State IPC member, Oupa Khoabane says, “People should not say that finally the process has been completed until the disputes have been resolved. It, therefore, says that you may expect at some point that in the future in some wards they will have to have people resigning if the ANC wins those wards.”

Meanwhile, residents of Johannesburg have expressed mixed feelings about the Constitutional Court’s ruling against the postponement of local government elections.

On Friday, the land’s highest court ruled against the Electoral Commission’s application to delay the elections due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some residents say they feel safe enough to join the queues while others refuse to take the risk of contracting COVID-19.

“I do feel safe enough to go and vote because I did have the second dose of my vaccine. But whether the electoral committee will have the other checks and balances in place is something to be desired,” says one resident.

“I will not be participating in the local government election because I do not feel safe at all. Given what we know about the delta variant, it is clear that it takes a couple of minutes to pass from one person to another. I will not put myself at risk of exposure. I don’t think the ConCourt ruling is fair.”

The DA’s mayoral candidate for Cape Town, Geordin Hill-Lewis, has welcomed the Constitutional Court’s decision that the October 27th local government elections will go ahead as scheduled.

Hill-Lewis says they are ready for the elections.

“Cape Town works and now it’s our opportunity to do so much more; to get more done for our residents so that everyone can live a life of dignity; to get more done so that more people can get into work because Cape Town is the easiest place on the continent to do business. To fight for the ending of load shedding and (for)safer communities for everyone.”

Discussion on ConCourt ruling on IEC matter with Levy Ndou: