The national commissioner of correctional services, Arthur Fraser, stands by his decision to release former president Jacob Zuma.

He was speaking in an interview with SABC News.

Fraser is adamant that Zuma’s medical parole is both procedurally and legally sound.

He has dismissed allegations that he ignored the recommendations of the medical parole advisory board when he authorised Zuma’s release.

“I know the noise and perceptions that were created that I was a Zuma person. We have a responsibility to provide security and care in all instances when a person is brought in our care. We ensure that we do a full assessment including a health assessment. I took the decision to place him on medical parole and unlike all the stories, it’s legal and procedural,” he explains.

In conversation with Arthur Fraser:

Meanwhile, lobby group AfriForum says it has requested copies of the application for Zuma’s medical parole and the medical report that followed.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it will take legal steps to have the decision to grant Zuma medical parole reviewed.

Zuma parole | Ulrich Roux on what exactly medical parole entails: