Frank Chikane denies leaking suicide note of Duduzane Zuma’s mother

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Former Director-General in the Presidency Frank Chikane has sought to clarify events surrounding the death of former President Jacob Zuma’s wife, Kate Mantsho. This follows a video conversation between Zuma and his son Duduzane, in which Chikane is branded a liar.

In the two-part video conversation, known as Zooming with the Zumas, Duduzane speaks of the events surrounding his mother’s death in 2000.

He also details his version of finding his mother’s suicide note which, he says, the then Director General in the Presidency, Chikane, took from him.

Chikane, however, provided his explanation of the incident.

“She was in great distress and wanted to tell me about why she had decided to take her life, which means she chose to tell me of all people. I then called security and said please call an ambulance because I couldn’t understand why an ambulance was not called. She asked one of the sons to go to a drawer and you’ll find a note. Take it out, which the son did and handed it over to me,” says Chikane.

In this video, Frank Chikane speaks about the death of Duduzane Zuma’s mother:

Chikane has dismissed claims that he later leaked the contents of the note to the media. He says he gave the note to then Deputy President Jacob Zuma after they managed to get hold of him.

Its details, he says, only became public during an inquest into Mantsho’s death, in which the Reverend testified.