France prepared Olympic Games opening ceremony

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French President Emmanuel Macron says his country is prepared to move the opening ceremony of next year’s Olympic Games in Paris should the security situation require it.

The event is planned for the 26th of July on the River Seine. Macron told a French broadcaster that organizers have a Plan B and C, should the security situation in France require a change in plans for the opening ceremony.

France raised its security threshold in October after a man of Chechen origin stabbed to death a teacher in a school in the north of the country.

Earlier this month, another man armed with a knife and hammer killed a German tourist and left two other people wounded near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Games organizers hope to finalize their security plan by the end of March. France expects some 600 000 visitors when 160 boats are due to set off on a 6km journey on the Seine as part of the opening ceremony.

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