Four people have been killed in a crash on the N4 Toll road close to the Sudwala Cave turn-off west of Mbombela in Mpumalanga.

Road authorities say the driver of the truck lost control and hit an embankment and overturned.

All four occupants, three males and a female died on the scene.

Traffic flow on the N4 toll road came to a halt. A truck believed to be from Gauteng enroute to Mbombela to deliver goods didn’t reach its destination.

Spokesperson for Safety & Security Mpumalanga Joseph Mabuza says:The driver of the truck lost control and it went into an embankment and hit a tree. Unfortunately it overturned and four people were killed on impact.”

Road authorities did not rule out the bad weather conditions.

“We believe that there’s a possibility that is a factor in this crash, however we cannot rule out other factors such as speeding. The report we are going to get will give us a clear cause of the crash,” adds Mabuza.

The deceased have not yet been identified.

Authorities have warned motorists to be cautious on the roads as they are wet and slippery.