Four Grade Seven classrooms burned down at Mphatlalatsane Combined School in the Free State

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The Free State Department of Education has called on the community of Makwane Village in Qwaqwa to help in identify the culprits behind the burning of Mphatlalatsane Combined School.

The incident happened on Saturday afternoon when four Grade Seven classrooms burned down. The cause of the fire is still not yet known.

Spokesperson for the Provincial Department of Education Howard Ndaba says there had been no electricity in the village for eight days when the fire broke out.

“We are calling on the members of the community to work together with the law enforcement agencies to identify and expose anyone who could have done this. Acts of burning the school and vandalizing the school is taking us back as a province because it is very expensive to maintain the infrastructure and to revitalize the infrastructure of the school. The school already is having more than one thousand learners and this situation will then bring us back to a rotational system,” says Ndaba.