Former Wits students to launch new labour union

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South Africa will see the launch of a new labour union today, as the world marks International Labour Day. The Workers Socialist Union of South Africa is the brainchild of former Wits students and EFF members.

The union’s convenor Mmeli Gebashe says that the idea was born when the EFF student command at Wits University became involved in trying to improve the plight of workers at the institution.

Gebashe says, “Wits is just the beginning of our national footprint in politics. We have workers at South Point, we have workers at DHL; in the East Rand; we have workers in the West Rand. Where everything was inspired and started, was With University, during the times of fees-must-fall, the time of insourcing of workers at institutions of higher learning.”

He has, however, emphasised that the union is not an EFF union.

“We are not an EFF organisation. Obviously, the EFF is a home to most of the founding members of the trade union, but some of the founders are from the PAC, some of the founders are from the ANC,” he adds.

Workers Socialist Union of South Africa to be launched on Workers Day