Former State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele has denied allegations that he stopped an investigation into the Guptas in 2011.

Cwele says he merely instructed the three State Security Agency (SSA) seniors who had initiated a communications interception into the Guptas to first obtain approval from a judge.

During an appearance before the State Capture Commission of Inquiry, former State Security boss Gibson Njenje said Cwele put a stop to an investigation into the Guptas.

Njenje told the commission that Cwele said investigating the Guptas was equal to investigating the President.

“Particularly concerning Njenje in this matter. I clearly remember saying when we employed you, we asked yourself and Mo Shaik to stop all business operations you were doing because you are coming to this environment.”

“But I was disappointed now that he was conducting businesses and he was also investing [investigating] people in relation to his personal interests in those businesses. Those are the things I put in the summary. At no stage did I say they must stop the investigation. I said go and get direction from a judge.”

Below is the live stream for today’s proceedings: