Former security branch police officer can’t remember giving Aggett food during 12-hour interrogation

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Former security branch police officer, Daniel Swanepoel, says he can’t remember whether anti-apartheid activist, Neil Aggett, had been given any food during his 12-hour interrogation on January 30, 1982 or not.

Swanepoel and his colleague, Johannes Visser, had interrogated Aggett from six o’clock in the morning until six o’clock in the evening, just days before he died at the then John Vorster Square Police Station in Johannesburg.

At the time, Aggett had been deprived of sleep for two consecutive days. He was found hanging in his cell on February 5, 1982.

During his testimony at the inquest into Aggett’s death, Swanepoel admitted to making detainees stand and also do exercises for extended periods. He, however, denies assaulting or torturing Aggett.

Swanepoel has been answering questions from State Prosecutor Shubnum Singh.

Former security branch officer Daniel Swanepoel continues testimony in the Neil Aggett Inquest taking place in Johannesburg.