The lawyer representing former SABC interim board members, Tebogo Malatji, says his clients will apply for a review and setting aside of a Special Investigating Unit report on a security tender.

The SIU found evidence of serious irregularities in the awarding of the tender to the Mafoko Security Patrols two years ago.

Former SABC Interim Board Members, who were involved in the procurement and awarding of the R185-million tender, could now face legal action.

Malatji says, “The report of the SIU clearly indicates there are no corrupt elements here at play. So how can that possibly constitute delinquency? Our clients must of necessity, because of the intentions of the SIU to declare them delinquent, intervene in the proceedings and apply for a review of setting aside of the SIU report. We believe it is factually incorrect and doesn’t have factual basis for the conclusions that it has reached. So that is the recourse we are looking at – intervene in the proceedings and seeking a review and setting aside of the report.”

Meanwhile, Mafoko Security has distanced itself from any wrongdoing, saying it was not involved in the procurement processes by the public broadcaster.

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