Former Rivonia Trialists upset with ‘self-serving’ leaders

Andrew Mlangeni
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One of the remaining former Rivonia Trialists, Andrew Mlangeni says his heart bleeds when he looks at how some self-serving leaders are running the country.

Mlangeni says they made huge sacrifices to liberate this country. He says Black Africans have not yet acquired economic freedom in South Africa.

Mlangeni spent 26 years on Robben Island for his part in the liberations struggle.

He says he gave up on his education at the age of 12 to liberate the people of South Africa, but corrupt leaders are reversing the gains that the country has achieved so far.

“Some of our leaders are absolutely corrupt, they have no interest in the people for which some died for – they are only interested in themselves. That cannot make some of us happy. We have to continue to struggle and try to convince them if they can be convinced, but people come first – everything we do – think of the people of SA. But we see other people making it worse because they misuse the funds that are allocated by the government to improve the conditions in the lives of our people.”