The Pan Africanist Congress says the re-arrest of the party’s former freedom fighter Kenny Motsamai is as a result the failure of the rehabilitation process meant to re-integrate him into society.

Motsamai is one of the longest-serving political prisoners in South Africa.

He was re-arrested on Friday after breaking his parole conditions by amongst others staging a sit-in at the head-quarters of the offices of the Military Veterans in Pretoria.

Motsamai was released from prison last year after serving 27 years and 11 months for the murder of a traffic officer during a bank robbery.

The PAC’s interim president Narius Moloto has expressed regret at the re-arrest of Motsamai.

“Kenny needs a lot of rehabilitation. He is very unstable. We are not sure if he deliberately broke conditions of parole.cIt would appear amongst the reasons is the attack to the office of the Department of Military Veterans in Pretoria. He is struggling with living within the framework of the law.”