Former eThekwini mayor Gumede’s supporters decry delays in her corruption trial

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Supporters of the former mayor of eThekwini Municipality, Zandile Gumede, believe the delays in her corruption case are meant to lessen her chances of being re-elected as leader in the eThekwini region.

Gumede and her 21 co-accused are facing charges related to fraud, corruption, racketeering and money laundering in connection with a R430 million Durban solid waste contract.

Another postponement in Zandile Gumede’s criminal case, the 60-year-old was arrested in May 2019. Other top officials in the eThekwini municipality are also accused of allegedly pocketing bribes.

The alleged corruption occurred during Gumede’s tenure as the mayor.

‘Delay tactics’

Gumede’s supporters believe the delays in the case are part of a plot by her detractors, who do not want her to lead the eThekwini region, which is the ANC’s largest in the country.

A spokesperson for Zandile Gumede supporters, Ntando Khuzwayo says “You can see there’s nothing really in our hands. There are other forces at play here which are causing these frustrations to continue. But what I can tell you is that this matter has been hanging over the heads of these comrades for far too long now we are going to four years now off the same matter going on and on and on without a trial. Had it been in an ordinary matter by now it would have been known finished and we would have forgotten about it, but because this case is political.”

Fraud and corruption case against Zandile Gumede postponed to March 2022: 

Radical Economic Transformation chairperson, Nkosentsha Shezi says, “Leaders how are grounded with the masses of our people and masses of the ANC do not get a chance to contest in the coming conference of the ANC but we are not confused as masses of the ANC.

“In fact, they have been a time when religion, in particular, we know their agenda is clear. They’re going to use the state machinery to tarnish the image of our leaders. They’re going to use the state machinery to target individuals who are critical in the implementation of Radical Economic Transformation. You will understand that people like comrades SG Magashule is going to court, comrade Bathabile Dlamini we are 100 percent behind these leaders,” Shezi explains.

Tuesday’s pre-trial hearing was postponed to allow parties to exchange further particulars requested by the accused’s legal teams.

Gumede and her co-accused are due back in court on the 29th of March next year.