Former DA members now with ActionSA in Emalahleni accuse DA leaders of corruption

Herman Mashaba
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Several members of the Democratic Alliance (DA), who left the party in Mpumalanga and joined the newly-formed political party ActionSA, are accusing DA leaders of corruption. They claim that the party is protecting some of the leaders who are accused of corruption instead of taking action against them.

ActionSA’s president, Herman Mashaba, welcomed the new members at Emalahleni.

Two DA Councillors and several other party members have joined ActionSA. They are accusing the DA of failing to take action against leaders who are accused of corruption.

Narita Naidoo is one of the DA members who decided to join ActionSA. “The very same people (who) purport to fight corruption, are instituting correction themselves. Party funding is going missing and you need to be silent on it. You have got the provincial leader, Jane Sithole, who is engaging in corrupt activities and nothing happens to her. How is it that (you) report an issue and then it disappears. So, who is protecting Jane Sithole? She allegedly leased out state property to a media communications officer, which, at the end of the day, it’s not something that is ethical. Number two; when we faced a court case at Emalahleni against the former mayor, Jane Sithole joined the entire leadership just in order to protect his skeletons.”

Mashaba claims that the party membership is growing tremendously although it is yet to be registered with the IEC.

“People stayed away from voting because they thought they don’t have an alternative option and we are now giving them that option. So, we had more South Africans that are not voting. And I am glad to tell you that we are a party not officially registered by the IEC, already 150 000 volunteers registered with us throughout the country.”

Meanwhile, DA Provincial Chairperson, Bosman Grobler has dismissed allegations that some leaders of the party are engaging in corrupt activities.

“We are only aware of two members from the local municipality of Emalahleni that left. One is a ward councillor and one is a PR councillor. I have to say that we saw that on Facebook. We did not receive any official communication from the members. Well, it is very interesting that specifically the one councilor didn’t even have 25 members in the ward to have a branch, because you need 25 members to launch the branch and we went through everything during the congress … her ward didn’t have enough members to launch the branch. So, her branch was co-joined with another ward in this municipality of Emalahleni.”

Grobler has called on the DA members to follow proper procedures if they have any complaints.