Former CEO in Public Protector’s Office to take the stand in Section 194 Inquiry

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Former CEO in the Office of the Public Protector Vussy Mahlangu will be the fifth witness to take the stand in the Section 194 Inquiry into suspended Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s fitness to hold office.

Mahlangu reportedly resigned in January 2020 to pursue other career opportunities.

He will be the third person who worked in the office, to testify in the inquiry which resumes on Tuesday morning.

The committee says Mahlangu is expected to be in Parliament to testify in person.

Dismissed Senior Investigator Kholofelo Kekana and reinstated Head of the Public Protectors office in the Free State Sphelo Samuel have testified so far.

Samuel concluded his testimony under cross-examination by Mkhwebane’s lawyer Dali Mpofu on Monday.


On Monday, chaos erupted in Parliament’s Section 194 inquiry where  Mkhwebane’s fitness to hold office is being investigated.

This as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the African Transformation Movement (ATM) challenged committee chairperson Richard Dyantyi’s recall of Sphelo Samuel to continue to be cross-examined on Monday.

The EFF and ATM accused the chairperson of being biased after Mkhwebane’s lawyer, Dali Mpofu, had to cross-examine Samuel only after committee members had engaged him on his testimony on Friday morning.

They argued that the directives of the committee were shifted as MPs were only allowed to question the witness after cross-examination by Mpofu.

Samuel is testifying on the virtual platform.

ATM Leader Vuyolwethu Zungula has now been kicked off the virtual platform after raising the issue.

He accused Dyantyi of taking instructions from “somewhere else” which ultimately led to Samuel being recalled, despite him saying on Friday that no further cross-examination will take place.

Here are some of the scenes which transpired between Dyantji and Zungula towards the start of the meeting:

Zungala: “I’m not done with my submission…”

Dyantyi: “You don’t have to be done; I have imposed a time limit honourable Zungula.”

Zungala: “Why only me? Why not all other honourable members who spoke?”

Dyantyi: Ok thank you I have done my part; IT please mute honourable Zungala.”

Zungala: “I am going to continue chairperson; we can’t allow you to treat us in a way that is not consistent…”

Dyantyi: “IT, I am asking you now to remove honourable Zungula from the platform.”

Zungala: “Remove me for what?”

Dyantyi: “Please remove honourable Zungula from the platform.”

VIDEO: Adv. Modidima Mannya on Inquiry into Mkhwebane’s fitness to hold Public Protector’s Office: