Former Bophuthatswana Homeland leader’s son Kwena Mangope joins ActionSA

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Kgosi Kwena Mangope, the son of the leader of the Erstwhile Bophuthatswana Homeland, Lucas Mangope, has announced that he has joined ActionSA. Mangope made the announcement at Mahikeng, North West.

He says he believes it is through ActionSA that Mahikeng and the entire North West province can go back to its former glory.

Kwena Mangope has never been involved in politics before. But, that has now changed. First, he praised his father’s previous, administration, saying it achieved more than today’s government.

“I cannot compare what was done then with what is happening now, given the state of the province. The state of the province, as I said under administration and being under administration, affects a lot of things. I guess, particularly in service delivery.”

Mangope says the time has come to bring much-needed developments.

“I have done a lot of souls searching and I’ve done a lot of reading. Particularly after ActionSA was founded, I went through their manifesto, and I think ActionSA’s manifesto is the manifesto that I think can bring service delivery to our people.”

His supporters say Mangope made the right decision.

“Some of us have been talking to him about stepping in and being active in politics. So some of us are excited that we now have a leader who is raising his hand.”

“I think it’s a very a good move and I believe that the public, in general, will have hope that things will now be better for them and the future looks bright.”

Mangope is a military man and a traditional leader of Bahurutshe boo-Manyane at Motswedi village in Lehurutshe.

Kgosi Kwena Mangope joins ActionSA: