Former ANC chief whip to continue testimony at Aggett inquest

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Anti-apartheid activist and former ANC Chief Whip in Johannesburg Prema Naidoo is set to continue his testimony at the death inquest Dr Neil Aggett in the High Court in Johannesburg on Monday.

Naidoo was detained at the same time as Aggett at the then John Vorster Square Police Station.

Aggett who was a unionist was found hanging in his cell on February 5, 1982.

On Friday, Naidoo detailed the severe torture he was also subjected to by members of the security branch. He told the court how he was kept naked for the most part while being tortured.

He detailed a day where he was taken to Vereeniging, south of Johannesburg, where he was ordered to drink some pink liquid as the security branch police continued to interrogate and torture him.

Naidoo says, “They gave me some pills to take with it. I think I must have fallen asleep on my feet and I started talking about things that they never even questioned me about. Unfortunately I spoke, and that shattered me.”

“I gave them (Security Police) the name of Cherish Nanaby, who then got arrested, I gave the name of Linda Barnard, my contact into Swaziland, and I gave the name of the person who accommodated him, and I felt I betrayed them, and that hurt me more than the torture,” said Naidoo.