Police will begin forensic tests on Tuesday to determine the identity of a badly decomposed body found in Longbury Drive at Phoenix North of Durban.

Speculation is rife that the body could be that of nine year-old Miguel Louw, who went missing on July 17th from Sydenham in Durban.

Officers from a local security company discovered the body in a dense bush while on the trail of another suspect in an unrelated case.

Director of KZN VIP Protection Glen Naidoo says the body was discovered with a similar school uniform to that of Miguel Louw.

He says: “I think Phoenix and I think South Africa woke up to a very gloomy day knowing that the body has been found. We hope it brings closure to the family. Its probably known that the body was found with the school uniform very similar which Miguel Louw attended and its highly probable that it is his body. We can’t discount that until police have DNA done, checked and confirmed.”

Meanwhile, police are maintaining a presence at the home of the suspect in the Louw case.

This after a brick was thrown at the suspect’s home.