Foreign nationals’ shops looted in Durban

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Scenes of looting and stoning of shops played out at Berea in Durban as a group of people led by members of  Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association ( (MKMVA) intensified its campaign to chase away foreign nationals. There are fears of the resurgence of attacks on foreign nationals after shops were looted, some forced to close while others were stoned allegedly by a group led by members of MKMVA.

The group of MKMVA members have been driving a campaign of driving foreign nationals back to their countries of origin accusing them of taking jobs and economic opportunities at the expense of locals.

Police had to use rubber bullets and teargas to disperse people who were looting and stoning shops. The protest follows numerous marches by members of the MKMVA and subsequently, a meeting with ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule.

The disgruntled MKMVA members have also accused some foreign nationals of setting up small shops as a front to sell drugs.

Meanwhile, a woman was injured during clashes. It is not clear if she was attacked by the protesting group or by some foreign nationals.