Food retailers pricing being scrutinised

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The Competition Commission has warned that food retailers will face prosecution at the Competition Tribunal, should it find that pricing laws were breeched.

The commission has raised concerns over price increases of essential food items, such as sunflower oil, bread and maize meal over a two-year period.

The 2021-2022 Essential Food Pricing Monitoring report was released yesterday.

Head of Communications Sipho Ngwema says: “The items we were talking about affect, largely, the poor. Where we have investigations directed at prosecution, we will be able to take those to the Competition Tribunal. So, where we have initiated cases against retailers, if there is any breech of competition laws, they will be prosecuted before the Competition Tribunal.”

Podcast: Competition Commission Essential Food Pricing Monitoring report shows unjustified price increases in bread & maize:

Inquiry into fresh produce market 

The Competition Commission has since announced an inquiry into the Fresh Produce Market from the 31st of March.

It will focus on a number of fruit and vegetable groups, including apples, bananas, table grapes, potatoes, onions, carrots and spinach.

The commission says the inquiry will examine whether any features in the fresh produce value chain impede, restrict or distort competition in the market.