Food prices forcing less in shopping baskets: Dietician

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Dietician at the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Kinza Hussain says rising food prices have forced many South Africans to reduce the number of items in their shopping baskets and tighten their belts.

This comes as poultry producers are warning consumers of a price increase in chicken as a result of an outbreak of avian or bird flu in South Africa that has caused a shortage of the product.

Hussain says this is likely to weigh heavily on the quality of health for people who are already living with chronic diseases like diabetes.

“Someone who has diabetes has to watch carefully what they eat. There are lots of other food which can stay longer and actually assist with the blood glucose things like dry beans, dry lentils or canned foods like fatty fish, beans and chickpeas that we get in cans that can last longer at home and not break the bank too much but can also be easy on the blood glucose,” Kinza explains.