Food insecurity worsened by COVID-19 pandemic: Meals on Wheels

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The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated food insecurity across the globe. This is according to a non-profit Organisation, Meals on Wheels.

Friday marks World Hunger Day and the Kimberley-based organisation is using the day to feed vulnerable households.

Meals on Wheels’ Bevan Jenneke says the pandemic has left more people desperate and vulnerable.

“COVID did not help the situation at all. We know that because of COVID, there were job losses and even businesses closed. So the need was just worse if you can say that because of COVID,” says Jenneke.

Non-Profit Organisation Meals on Wheels observes World Hunger Day:

The government has partnered with the organisation in distributing much-needed food parcels.

“I’m confident about the fact that this should not be a day for celebrating but rather a clarion call to each and every person to join hands with government and extend the call to make sure food inadequacies are addressed,” says Hendrina Samson, Head of Northern Cape Social Development department.

Hunger on the rise at an alarming rate: