Focus on SA, but look wider: ANC

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The International Relations discussion document adopted at the ANC policy conference in Midrand, points to the ANC focusing on African development. The policy document suggests a sharper focus regional integration and the strengthening of the AU and its relationship with others such as the EU. The document also suggests the implementation of the campaign to have Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma elected as the chair of African Union. The ANC also wants to continue its the relationship with Zanu PF, the ruling party in Zimbabwe, but the party states that this will not stand in the way of its facilitation with the people of Zimbabwe and the three different political parties in that country. The ruling party also agreed to be in solidarity with countries that have people who are still suffering, mentioning Swaziland as an example. The ANC says that a call of democratization of Swaziland has to be made. The policy focuses on South African economic growth, but regional and Africa-wide integration is on the agenda. “Solidarity must increase with Zimbabwe and South Sudan, to support the new state and ensure that the ANC engages and works closely with South and the other Sudan,” said Lindi Zulu, of the ANC’s sub commission on international matters. Outside of Africa, “we must increase visibility of the ANC in supporting the people of Palestine and an increase in the boycott of products coming from Israel,” Zulu said.

– By Busi Radebe