Once again, it is flower season in the West Coast National Park, near Cape Town. Every spring, the masses of brightly coloured flowers draw thousands of nature-lovers to the area.

Flower season in the West Coast National Park lasts for two months from the beginning of August until the end of September every year. The good rains which the Western Cape received this winter have also led to the flowers blooming earlier than usual.

Acting Park Manager of the West Coast National Park, Pierre Nel, says the current more relaxed lockdown regulations also allow visitors to enjoy the views in the park more this year.

“When we opened last year on the 5th of June and we carried that into flower season it was largely a self-drive experience, so you were restricted to remain in your vehicle. This year we are not applying that restriction any longer, because of the national regulations, people can participate in the trails, they can cycle in the general park area and they’re able to alight at the picnic sites, get out their vehicles and walk around and our restaurant in the park is also open.”

This is what some of the visitors had to say.

“We come every year, we live in Cape Town and we’ve been coming for about 20 years to see these magnificent wildflowers, because I’m dilly about plants and flowers. It’s very bright, it’s very bright, it’s a very good Spring day, it’s good for picnics. I’ve seen families having picnics. They’re very chilled. It’s very nice, the colours, behind you, they match the sun

The price for entrance to the park during flower season starts at R94 for adults and R47 for children.