Flood hit Orlando West residents slam government as rains wreak havoc

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Orlando West residents in Johannesburg living in low lying areas have lamented government’s failure in moving them to higher ground to avoid flooding.

This is after their homes were flooded and their possessions were damaged by heavy rainfall that led to flooding.

The city had a downpour on Friday night through to Saturday morning that was accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorms.

Areas in the south of Johannesburg were most affected by the rains. Soweto, Riverlea and Roodepoort suffered flooding and road closures.

An Orlando West resident, Tommy Moshidi, says despite their neighbourhood being declared a wetland and the government promising to move them to higher ground, none of those promises have been fulfilled.

Moshidi says navigating through the area is difficult as most roads are flooded and people have to use alternative routes.

Disaster teams are currently on site to assess the situation and have offered to provide residents with food in the meantime.

Motorists have been warned to be cautious and to keep a safe following distance as the roads are slippery.

⚠️Slippery roads warning due to heavy rainfalls today⚠️

Drive alert and look out for debris on the road, and take extra care if you’re passing cyclists or motorcyclists. #flooding pic.twitter.com/zSpGN79VpL

— Road Traffic Management Corporation (@TrafficRTMC) February 8, 2020

Meanwhile, Emergency Management Services spokesperson, Nana Radebe has urged road users to be vigilant on the roads and to keep a safe following distance.

Picture credit: Tommy Moshidi