Flats belonging to the SABC in Mahikeng in North West have been hijacked by a group of community members claiming that they were not consulted by the corporation before the property was put up for sale.

The SABC had decided to dispose of some of its non-core assets as part of its turnaround strategy. It includes more than 20 houses and 60 flats that have been rented out.

Sanco’s Provincial Secretary Khumalo Molefe says, “We have learnt about the unfortunate and unjust action by the SABC based somewhere in Auckland Park in Gauteng to sell our property here in Mahikeng in the North West without any public participation. We reject this attempted hijacking of our public property by the SABC and we will not only reject it, they will find us in the building. We will defend these buildings and we know how these buildings came about. It was because of the contributions of our parents from the University of the North West to every building. It is because our parents contributed through their taxes through their blood and sweat that you find in the province. We will not stand by the side and allow the SABC sitting somewhere in Auckland Park to take the decisions about our public property.”

SABC Spokesperson Mmoni Seapolelo says the public broadcaster will continue with the auctioning of its non-core assets.

“The SABC can confirm an incident Sunday morning in which a group of individuals in Mahikeng forcefully occupied the SABC flats and also went to the provincial logistics manager unannounced to demand the keys of some of SABC residential properties which will be auctioned. This situation was reported to the police and the situation was controlled. The SABC will in May 2021, in line with section 52 D of the Public Finance Management Act for the disposal of non-core assets, hold a public auction of residential property which were rented by SABC employees and none employees. In order to ensure a fair and transparent process and as part of the recommendations of this process  a public auction will be held in May 2021.”