A number of small parties have decided to band together for 2019’s national and provincial elections. The five parties, the Khai-ma Independent Candidates Coalition (Koko), the Khoisan Revolution, the Tsantsabane Coalition, Die Forum and Khoisan Defiance Campaign will contest under the Brown Umbrella.

A political analyst says the combination could upset bigger parties.

Election season is still to kick off officially, but parties are already hard at work.

The five parties say they have a common cause. “Poverty struggles … it affects all colours and race irrespective … if you are white or black, especially the land issues,” said Stanley Petersen of Khoisan Revolution.

“It’s going to be the best thing to happen for our people, especially for those who are very much oppressed since the beginning until now, and all the Khoi voters out there. So, we are going there as one voice and one party,” said  Erick Strauss of Die Forum.

The parties will test their strength at a by-election to be held at Onseepkans in the Namaqualand on Wednesday. They are fielding one candidate, who has the support of all the parties.

“We will definitely come together as parties within the northern and western cape, to see how best we can do to establish and to start one big party, which can take our issues as Khoisan and coloured voters in the northern and western cape forward,” said Koko’s Nico Jano.

The coalition is following a trend seen around the world.

“Without any doubt it is a good idea, but I would like to give one step back. We are entering an era which I would like to call identity politics. So, political identity is becoming more and more important. Secondly, we are also entering a phase where coalition politics may become very critical,” said political analyst, Professor Andre Duvenhage.

Some of the parties have councillors in municipalities. They are currently negotiating the way forward without losing seats.

The coalition says it will decide on a leader and a name at a later stage.

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