Five SABC Board candidates’ qualification consent forms outstanding

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Five of the 37 SABC Board candidates who were interviewed have not yet completed their consent forms for the verification of their qualifications.

This was revealed by Parliament’s Communications Committee Secretary Portia Ntabeni.

The Sub-Committee was briefed by Parliament’s Legal Services and support staff, on the vetting of candidates and some public objections to the suitability of some candidates.

It also turned out that the State Security Agency has challenges in processing the vetting of the candidates.

The committee’s deliberations to choose the most suitable candidates is now being hampered and will be done in the next meeting.

Committee Chairperson Boyce Maneli explains: “Honourable members that’s the update on the verification of five candidates whose consent forms are outstanding on the part of qualifications verification. But (all) others are positive, but as it relates to the SSA the problem is on that side, not on the basis of submissions. So that’s something that has a bearing on the work because there were members who were genuinely concerned that we tend to make recommendations and find there may be issues that arise out of that candidate.”

Meanwhile, DA member of the Sub-Committee, Dianne Kohler Barnard, was not pleased with the delay: “I don’t think there is any point in asking someone to do something when they haven’t been given permission to do it. So, it’s up to those applicants who have not finished their part of the process. I think we need to give them a deadline by which they sign those forms and if they choose not to do that we must just simply remove them from the list.”