Fitness influencers say there are many exercises that one can practice both indoors and outdoors to maintain fitness levels under lockdown.

As gyms remain closed, many South Africans have taken to social media, to share how they have been overeating and just not exercising enough under lockdown.

Founder of ForeverFitSA, Timera Ramlall, shares some of her most effective fitness routines to keep people in shape.  “One of the easiest things to do, especially on a weight loss journey is to put on music, take canned beans if you don’t have weights. You can alternate between keeping your hands up and walking. You can walk around your complex or walk on the road. What you can do inside, set up a playlist for 10 minutes. Do simple exercises like burpees, jumping jacks, skipping. Even free movement, just put on music, dance around in the house – that burns a ton of calories.”

Jogging permitted under level 4 lockdown

Government eased lockdown regulations to allow jogging from 1 May. However, people can only jog, run, walk, or cycle from 6am to 9am in the morning within five kilometres of where they reside, but not in organised groups.

In the video below, Runzone Athletics Club founder, Graham Block encourages people to stay active:

Below is an infographic on Level 4 lockdown regulations: