Fishing enthusiasts, who have been tracking the annual sardine run, say the massive shoals of fish have made an appearance on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast.

Fisherman Adam Kamdar says small schools of sardines and bait fish were also spotted at Durban’s Addington Beach.

“I took a cycle along the Durban promenade this morning and noticed some bait activity at Addington. There were a few extra seagulls on the beach and they look pretty well fed. By the time I went back to my apartment, I could see shoals rising and posted a video to social media” says Kamdar.

“Within half an hour there was a sardine netter already on the water to check the action out, whether it is sardines or not. In all probability it is red-eye sardines, maasbanker or mackerel, but I can confirm that sardine netting is taking place right now at Pennington and Sizela. I’ve seen sardines for sale already on the Higginson highway and you can be pretty certain there will be a lot of sardines on sale around Durban today” adds Kamdar.

The KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board has confirmed receiving reports of sardine sightings on Friday morning from Sezela, on the South Coast, to Winkelspruit at eManzimtoti.

Nettings took place at Sezela and Pennington, while the other pockets of sardines are moving along the coast in slightly deeper water.