Fish farming project to bring employment, access to water for Limpopo village

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A fish-farming project in Tshitavhadulu Village, near Louis Trichardt in Limpopo, could provide employment for unemployed youth.

The project, which is in its infancy stage, was started by 39-year-old Ndivhuho Sikhwetha with the aim to lift fellow villagers from the predicament of poverty.

Sikhwetha has dug seven ponds in which he raises various types of fish such as catfish, Mozambique tilapia and three-pot barb at a park along the banks of the local Lutanandwa River.

The ponds also supply water to some community members, but Sikhwetha says the lack of funds is hampering the project’s progress.

“This started as a dream. I was motivated by my desire to help the local community, but it was just about growing fish. These ponds are also helping the community – I purify this water and make it clean for the people to use,” says Sikhwetha.

One of the community members, Bridget Luvhengo has hailed the initiative as a life-saver.

“There is no water in our village, we are so grateful to Mr Sikhwetha who made these ponds. He used his purifying pump to transfer water into our tank. We use the water for drinking, washing and irrigating,” explains Luvhengo.