First Nation Liberation Alliance (FINLA)

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First Nation Liberation Alliance says it is the political voice and defender of the coloured/khoisan people’s first nation rights, “The Liberation Movement Of The Coloured/khoisan Nation.”

Khoisan people rallied for their own political parties to stand at the up-coming national elections.

There are already four nationally-registered Khoisan parties and the First Nation Liberation Alliance is one of them.

FINLA will be participating in the elections on 7 May 2014 for the first time.

2014 Elections Manifesto

• According to the party, FINLA shall strive to improve and protect the constitutional rights of all South Africans.

• It shall specifically advocate proper constitutional accommodation rights of the first indigenous People as per international best practices.

• It shall strive to intensify improved social transformation more rapidly as to ensure justice, prosperity and peaceful co- existence based on mutual respect for rights unity and diversity of South Africa its Natives, Citizens and Its People.

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