FFPlus committed to assist Transnet pensioners with payments

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The Freedom Front Plus (FFPlus) says it is committed to ensuring that Transnet pensioners receive what is due to them.

Pensioners are demanding equal benefits under the commercial entity Transnet as they did under South African Transport Services. The FF Plus says it will meet with pensioners specifically on the matter.

When Transnet became the legal successor to South African Transport Services, pensioners were moved to one of two Transnet pension funds.

At the time, the government promised verbally that employee pension fund benefits would not be changed and promised the payouts would keep up with inflation.

According to the FFPlus, Transnet has failed to meet its obligation of ensuring the equal payment of pension to pensioners.

The party has vowed to fight the matter, right up to the Constitutional Court.

With just over ten days to go till the national elections, parties are going all out making promises in the hope of gaining voters.

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