FF Plus urges voters to save South Africa from the ANC

FF Plus members listening
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Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) leader, Dr. Pieter Groenewald says the African National Congress (ANC) has created a new apartheid in the country through the implementation of affirmative action.

Groenewald says Black Economic Empowerment has been used by the governing party to advance the interests of the black elite and not the majority.

He addressed party members and supporters at the Heartfelt Arena during the launch of the manifesto ahead of the May polls.

Groenewald has previously called the implementation of the policy a new apartheid. During the address, he called this a crime against humanity.

“Black economic empowerment is not the empowerment of the masses. It’s the black elite enrichment system; that’s all it is. It is only politically connected people who get the benefits of BEE. The ANC created a new apartheid in South Africa, an apartheid of those politically connected and us, the ordinary citizens and tax payers of South Africa. That’s a crime against humanity if you talk about apartheid. Now this is also a new apartheid.”

He has called on South Africans to act against the ANC-led government as the country heads to the polls.

Groenewald says South Africans have the responsibility to save South Africa.

The FF Plus leader says there must be action to restore the country to its glory.

“If we don’t take action, nobody will take action against the vandalism of the South African House. And the culprits? Of course, the ANC government. And we cannot sit still, so they just continue. We must get rid of them to save our beautiful house because South Africa is a beautiful country, and we have the responsibility to save it.”

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Groenewald says South Africa is drowning in debt, and the country’s economy is crumbling. He says his party will focus on rebuilding the country’s economy and curbing unemployment.

“Just like the policy-making decisions of the Reserve Bank determine the interest rate in South Africa to curb the spending of the people, the Freedom Front Plus proposes a fiscal commission that will control the spending and curb spending of the government, and they will make a decision on the VAT rate.”

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