FF-Plus threatens court action if Ramaphosa fails to sign Funding Bill

FF-Plus Leader Pieter Groenewald.
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The Freedom Front Plus has threatened to approach the courts if President Cyril Ramaphosa fails to sign the Political Party Funding Bill into law soon.

FF-Plus Leader Pieter Groenewald says his party will write to the President to ask him to explain why he is delaying to sign the Bill into law. Both Houses of Parliament passed the Bill about six months ago.

Groenewald briefed the media in Parliament on his party’s assessment of the cabinet and government for 2018.

“We will write to him to ask what are the reasons and depending on what reasons he gives us, we will have to make a decision whether we take it further.  Yes, one of the processes is to go to the court, but we don’t want to do that. We do believe that we can solve this problem because it is important for multi-party democracy.”

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