The Freedom Front Plus says that Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) has been used to advance corruption. Its leader Pieter Groenewald said this while delivering the party’s 2021 Municipal Elections Manifesto under the slogan “stop the decay”.

Several hundred people gathered in Parkview, Pretoria for the manifesto launch. The party, South Africa’s fifth largest, is seeking to grow its support at the coming Local Government Elections.

“We will not tolerate Black Economic Empowerment. What we want is the best product at the best price to serve the taxpayers of the municipality. They always say BEE stands for Black Economic Empowerment, I say you are wrong. It stands for black elite enrichment.”

VF+ launches its 2021 Municipal Elections manifesto:

The FF+ says it will also put an end to Affirmative Action in municipalities and do an audit to ensure that all employees are qualified for their jobs.

Party MP Wouter Wessels says they want to appoint on merit.

“Our main focus areas are the appointment of officials on merit, to get service delivery going, sound financial management and economic growth and lastly keeping Local Government local, because currently, we are not devolving power to the people. Communities should have decision-making power about what affects them and that is the main focus areas of our manifesto.”